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In 1914, in Katowice-Brynów, a four departments village school was established at  Dworska Street, which in 1922 was transformed into the „Polish General School”. Four years later, the school was named after the great Pole – Tadeusz Kościuszko. In 1950, the school was moved to a new building at 16 Nasypowa Street (former Kościuszki 209), where it has been operating to this day.

Primary School No. 11 with Integration Departments in Katowice runs classes for children with special educational needs. Pupils with disabilities learn in a group of students. Our children have the opportunity to cooperate with non-disabled children, and also attend classes where they develop their interests and provide new crafts and skills. The school implements innovative programs, such as swimming classes, theatre activities, tourism, manual therapy, music classes, and cultural education. In 2009, our school received the certificate of School’s health promotion and in 2011 the national certificate promoting health. Our school:

 – raises awareness of health culture, cares for the development of physical activity and promotes healthy nutrition 

– implements to pro-ecological behaviors – provides optimal conditions for comprehensive development of the child’s personality in a safe and friendly environment 

– recognizes and realizes the needs and expectations of students and their parents 

– develops the intellect by enriching knowledge from various areas of life 

– creates conditions for learning and teaching according to modern methods that meet certain educational standards 

– provides individual care for both an extremely talented student and a student with special educational needs 

– cares for the comprehensive development of a child directed to special education
– promotes the idea of integration and teaches tolerance 

– develops patriotic attitudes, a sense of belonging to the homeland and the local and European community

–  takes part in different european projects like; Commenius, Erasmus+ and EuroWeek

 – enriches and deepens the knowledge of the region 

– shapes personal culture, respect for social norms and traditions 

The school’s mission is to care for the future of each child, caring for its harmonious development, shaping pro-health attitudes, implementation into physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. We create an atmosphere of mutual respect, security and friendship. We educate in a spirit of respect for national and cultural values.

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